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I helped run a mom and pop video store in 1988-1989. We had kids coming in on the weekend for Faces Of Death. And a wait list written on a legal pad for new releases or other popular movies. We were so high tech. But it’s ok, I was a pretentious jerk about other things back then but not movies. Like now I’m pretty proud of my internal IMDb.  I use actors real names in shows or movies when I know my husband will only know the character’s name. LOL!  And my older son cried during Titantic, too. Though I might have caused that. Since I was a single parent and he wanted to see a movie and so did I but I didn’t have a sitter and he was too young to be by himself in the theater. So we watched Power Rangers and then Bridges of Madison County and I cried and he was embarrassed. But I did not cry at the Titantic, so let’s agree not to make fun of each other. LOL!

I don’t have hipster cred that. I’m aware of. I thought you needed to be a lot younger than I am to have that, but it doesn’t seem like y’all are that much younger than me with some of the references you make.

I saw the I Love the 90’s tour in September. Tone Loc, Rob Base, Salt n Pepa, Coolio and Vanilla Ice. Do I get negative or positive cred for that. I’m not sure. 😜

I think your cred is just fine though you could have a little OCD cred if you rearranged the movies down to sub-sub genre and cross genre. I could see me doing that at home though. I also remember the stand-up for Mystic Pizza and another movie on the other side almost killed me to construct. It took me all day. I put together many stand-ups but nothing like Mystic Pizza. I wouldn’t watch the movie for about 10 years. That stand-up made me its b!tch all day. It’s funny that we both worked in a video store but neither of us worked in a Blockbuster and within a few years of each other.

If you like movies, you’d be horrified to see what I have in my house now. 6 movie posters from the 70’s. Either B movie horror or exploitation movies like the Naughty Cheerleader with Barbie Benton. They are all a gift for a friend (some from me and one from his GF and my best friend) that collects all kinds of things–vinyl, movie memorabilia, local things like a 6 foot catfish that was the mascot of a semi-pro team near here that failed, comic books and I really don’t know what else. He has two whole rooms devoted to boxes of stuff.

Really weird about the video stores. If we had both worked at Blockbuster it wouldn’t be weird at all, but we both worked for different video stores.