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Have you guys heard of the Cult of Kek ?

I’ve only recently become aware of this, but it fascinates me nonetheless.  I first heard about “Pepe the Frog” when a friend of mine mentioned it as being associated with the alt-right.  Of course, he heard about it from left-wing media sources who were supporting Hillary, and who saw the image as a code for alt-right/white nationalist subculture on the Internet.  In other words, a “Cartoon Nazi Frog”.
Curious, as well as now noticing the image since being brought to my attention, I took a cursory look into it.  I haven’t had the time to delve into it too deeply, but the phenomenon of “meme magic” is definitely something both Adam and I are interested in.  In fact, we did a podcast on Tulpas and Egregores (before being aware of Pepe), and this fits right into that.

There’s definitely something deeper going on here than just the accusation that it’s a basket of nerdy fascist ‘deplorables’ who hate women.  Haven’t heard that it’s also a war between Moloch and Kek, but now that you mention it, that does make sense.  Two ancient deities battling it out in the matrix for the soul of mankind.

Gotta’ love those 4Chan kids! 😉

Fascinating subject, and something we’ll research further.  Certainly a topic for another full show.  So stay tuned…

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