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Awesome insights, John!  I love the way that you described things at the NYT… “a kind of fermented propaganda jar of their own making.”  I agree completely and think this could be said for outlets on all sides of bias.  Adam pointed out a great example with Drudge (although Drudge is more of a curator I suppose).

Speaking of Drudge (and fake news), I’ll admit that I frequent the DR often.  Granted, I feel as though I’m smart enough to call bulsh on much of the sensationalism, so I don’t consider my readership a problem.  The thing I hate most about visiting Drudge is that I subsequently become a contributor to the massive amounts of traffic that the site gets.  Thus, I suppose I’m part of the problem with fake news.

In any case, the Drudge Report was insufferable throughout the Republican primaries.  I had to stop visiting — and I lean right politically.  The garbage stories, the misleading headlines… they’re just ludicrous.  And I didn’t use to feel this way about Drudge.  I use to feel as though there was an argument to be made for the work Matt Drudge was doing… but that argument is becoming harder and harder to make.  And the same can be said for much of “new media.”  It seems as though ALL headlines have become whorish clickbait… and the problem doesn’t even end there.  As you know, much of the content beneath the headlines are as bad as the headlines themselves.  The majority of articles online appear largely inaccurate… poorly written…  full of half-truths… and drenched in bias.

I believe it was Adam that said he found comfort in listening to Dan Rather recently.  I can absolutely understand the sentiment.  And this isn’t to say that I (or Adam) believe anything Dan Rather has to say.  On the contrary, I think we just miss the facade of “real news.”  Everyone is so obviously tainted these days.  It’s impossible to take comfort in anything that the MSM has to say anymore.

I don’t think I can recall a comparable time in our history in which the “news” has been so saturated with self-serving “echo chamber” nonsense.  I mean seriously — my entire social feed is full of shit.  And that includes my friends!  Haha, it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, keep up the great work guys.  You make taboo subject matter seem normal and I absolutely love it.  You speak to one another (and to your audience) in a way that I regularly speak to my own friends:  cynically, seriously and often jokingly.  Kudos for keeping things casual and honest.  Your chemistry translates and I look forward to each and every episode!