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I watched the film for the second time before I listened to the podcast because it’s been a couple of years since I first saw it.

I think at first I found Snowden to be pretty smug and a little annoying. Since I already assumed that we were all being spied on all the time his revelations didn’t seem like a big deal. I think my takeaway from the whole affair was now we have proof for what I was pretty sure was happening anyway. I guess I didn’t really think about what was going to happen to him.

I’m glad I watched it again with a more critical eye. I do think Snowden was doing what he thought was right and I agree with him. I just don’t think what’s been done to him is fair. I’m surprised he hasn’t had a single car accident yet. Hopefully he doesn’t drive.

It was a better movie the second time around, and the tension was so palpable at times like the fire alarms and the overly solicitous room service person. I felt much more for Edward as a person.  He’s so young and acting on his convictions.  If only we had more people like that and people like us that ask questions and want to hold people accountable for their actions.

Brad, my best friend puts a sticker on every device she owns and she is sooooo far from a conspiracy theorist than I can image. Except about her webcams. Personally, I’ve assumed I’ve been on some low level list for years because of the things I search about, the programs I stream, etc. Maybe I’m not, but who really knows.

It was a good show guys & thanks for making me want to watch the movie again.