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Hey, guys.  Just finished the documentary and the podcast.  Great stuff as always!

Before I post, I should mention that I just spent ten minutes writing a post and received a message stating… “Sorry, something went wrong with your data.”

I’m now rewriting — but you’re worth the effort.  So it’s OK.

As for the documentary, I thought it was excellent.  Like you, I feel somewhat guilty that I wasn’t more aware of Snowden or his revelations.  I’ve always had a vague idea about what was revealed (NSA spying), but not to the extent that I learned by watching the film.

One thing that bothers me is that my perception of Snowden has definitely been skewed over time.  When the story broke and his identity was revealed, I remember thinking of him in a positive light.  But over the years, I’ve gradually started viewing him as a trader, attention-seeker and enemy of the state.  So, whether I enjoy admitting it or not… the government’s efforts to discredit and diminish him is working — or it did in my case.  It’s pretty embarrassing to realize.  Because after watching the documentary, I truly think Snowden was doing the right thing and handling it in the right way.  The public deserved to know what was going on.

The Russian connection is interesting.  Snowden not being allowed to leave — all while Russian accusations of email hacking, fake news and vote tampering is occurring.   It can’t all be a coincidence, can it?  There seems to be some motive or agenda.

Sigh.  If only we had a fearless leader that would visit Russia, and with her bring a plastic button in an attempt to reset relations. #JustKiddingAdam

As an aside, I want to thank you guys for bringing up the Podesta hack!  This subject has been driving me crazy, as I cannot understand why this is being treated as fresh news.  The phishing email has been a known point for months.  Why is this subject worth ignoring in October, but worth reviving in December??  Did I miss something?

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