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Good show, guys!

Adam, I’m glad to know you saw the parallels to the movie Contact but also wanted more answers about why they picked those particular crop circles, too. Explanations of the math involved might have answered those questions.

John, you mentioned not being into crop circles until 1995 and Adam, you mentioned the late 1980’s. I’m curious if anyone got interested in these or any other topic from wanting the set of Time-Life books, Mysteries of the Unknown? I remember begging for these books when I was a kid, but never got them.

I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as y’all did, but your podcast made me appreciate it more. I loved the Toynbee Tiles movie and had watched it over a year ago, but didn’t rewatch it before listening to your podcast on it. If I had I think I would have seen Charles to be a lot like Justin as you did.

You asked in the podcast if the farmers disliked the circles. I remember seeing a documentary or tv show where the farmers were upset about the destruction of their crops and the tourists that came to see them.

I found this video with one of the Carson family.

And another story from the Czech Republic.

And on one site, I saw crop circles in Louisiana in 2003 and 2007. There’s also a mention of the 2003 circle on Coast to Coast, but with less info.

I believe you mentioned a site called BLT which comes up in a search for crop circles in the US, but CNN also has a story about a circle in California with the number 192 all over it in Braille but it was mowed down. The story has a link to a YouTube video. It seems to me that the makers of the video and the circle are the same kids.

I’m torn about the ending of the movie. It’s disappointing that they never got the thing to work and I wonder if it ever would anyway since they didn’t really explain their process. I kinda feel bad for Nikola since he did so much work and seemed so lonely, but Charles has a plan to catch Bigfoot. Maybe he will have more luck with that. At least he is excited about the next mystery. And I’m a sap about animals, it was sad the dog died.